Feed File Check

Here's a quick guide on how to check whether a newly created feed file is valid and can be used. 
1. Open up the feed file.

2. Check that the required fields are present
- category (for example headphones)
- product name  (for example, Sennheiser RS170 Blue)
- price   (for example, 233.14)
- product URL (
- product image 

3. Check that the fields are separated correctly (by a space or by tab delimiter). 
For example: 
Sennheiser RS170 Blue | 233.14
Sennheiser RS170 Blue      233.14    (the space here contains a delimiter like a tab)

Here are two examples that we don't support:
Sennheiser RS170 Blue233.14
Sennheiser RS170 Blue 233.14  (missing delimiter)

4. Verify that the product URL is correct
- arbitrarily selecting a product and opening up the page.

5. Verify that the feed file if posted online or ftp:ed to PriceMe
For example,


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    Tina Yang

    Please email support at if you have any questions regarding the feed file and would like us to have  a look at it.

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