Supported Feed File Formats

You can either provide us with an existing data feed file, use a feed generator or create a new one for PriceMe. 

Reuse existing feed file

Do you have an existing feed file for another shopping comparison site or Google Shopping? Then it's likely that we can use it. Please check with us. 

Feed generator

PriceMe provides feed generators for many of the main e-commerce platforms like Magento, ZenCart, osCommerce, VirtueMart etc. We'll send you a plugin file that you need to copy into the root directory of your installation. A feed file is then generated on the fly.

Create a feed file

You can also create a feed file for PriceMe. Here's a sample file.  

Please ensure that all the required fields are present:

  1. price
  2. product name
  3. category name
  4. product URL

The more information you can supply the better.


The last option if you're unable to generate a feed file using the options listed above is to scrape your site. Please find more information about scraping here.



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